AI calling

  • December 16, 2017

Arnekt India is forraying into Artificial intelligence(AI), A technology which is used to build machines which are capable of thinking on their own and can decide what to do in specific scenarios.

AI empowers the machines to stimulate something similar to human brain like neural network, which would be an enabler for the AI machine to take decisions, recognize images, audio etc.

At Arnekt India we are involved in development of next generation IT solutions using Artificial intelligence.

We are approaching and challenging some of the problems which are currently impossible for a conventional computer system to do.

Currently developing an Artificial system for a hotel chain that can be useful for communication with customers to improve their daily life experience.

We are researching in the field of Artificial intelligence for a better world, our aim is to evolve technology and solve problems at the same time assure a stable ecosystem.

All you NLP and Image processing tech experts, connect with us to change the world !