Smart-lock experiment

  • December 16, 2017

1. During registration process user needs to answer few pre-defined questions. These questions will be used to verify user’s identity for opening the lock. These user specific answers will get saved to database             

2. User verification to open the lock.User will login to the application by specifying his credentials.    

3. Answering verification question (Speech based).To open the lock user will have to answer the verification questions.

If answers given by user match with the answers user has specified during registration door  lock will be opened and on user will get the intimation on android app.

We used Robot OS for communicating with the system to open the door lock through Raspberry-pi. Thus Robot OS can communicate with a variety of sensors and devices. ROS does'nt have to be on the same system or even of the same architecture! You could have an Arduino publishing messages, a laptop subscribing to them, and an Android phone to give commands for driving motors. This makes ROS really flexible and adaptable to the needs of the user. ROS is also open source, maintained by many people.

Hope you find our small experiment interesting.