Cognitive Data Anylitics

Data Analytics Services

Data analytics is optimizing and modernizing companies and helping them rethink how they do business. Data driven acceleration of your journey from insights to action with an analytics strategy, Data science service help you generate end-to-end, integrated insights for specific business processes and functions with accountability to achieve business outcome.

Predictive analysis

Our models and forecasts techniques help customers gain insights to forecast what might happen in the future. Some common applications

Produce a credit score, to determine the probability of customers making future credit payments on time

Understanding sales patterns and forecasting sales numbers

Predicting customers purchase trends

Forecasting inventory etc

Prescriptive analysis

Prescriptive analytics models quantify the effect of future decisions in order to advise on possible outcomes before the decisions are actually made

Our clients are successfully using prescriptive analytics to optimize production, scheduling and inventory in the supply chain to make sure that are delivering the right products at the right time and enhancing the customer experience.

RegTech transformer

Empowering financial institutions through Regulatory Technology

Whether a company is experiencing overall business growth, or seasonal or temporary growth, our Regtech services allows businesses to respond quickly and smoothly to regulation with multijurisdictional and interlinked regulatory requirements impacting businesses globally. In the RegTech space Arnekt pioneers technological innovations to support compliance with regulatory requirements.